Ross Mountain Farm
Ross Mountain Farm

A June update

Jun 10, 2014


Blueberries and around the farm - a June update.


Hello! Not sure where May went, but June is here and everything is growing with gusto! The plants are green and full, making it really hard to find anybody in the field, especially if they are not standing. We can certainly live with that though, it means they are growing.


The blueberries are in the green berry stage.


The native bumble bees are mostly done in the field but can still be seen cruising the remaining flowers for pollen. And it looks like they have done a wonderful job for us again this year, judging by the amount of berries on the bushes. They are loaded!

There was a terrific amount of ladybird beetles in the field this spring, setting up camp in anticipation of the inevitable aphid visits. 

Now their hungry larvae are providing their contribution to the field by eating the aphids that have just arrived.


It’s too early to say when the blueberry harvest will start, but we’re expecting it to be mid-July-ish.

For now, we are busy weeding (always weeding) and watching the plants for any issues. There are some weaker ones that will have to be replaced later in the fall. And we are on the lookout for tent caterpillars. There was loads of nests in some of the trees on the boulevard, and a few inside the farm too, many many more than last year. Always something!

The blueberry field feels and looks amazing. It is a joy to be out there amoung the plants.

Elsewhere, there’s a lot of other farm activities to keep us going. Longer daylight hours means more can get done in a day, and it’s certainly helped having Laurie here a few days a week. The potting shelter was initiated with it’s first batch of seedlings in April. We tried our soil blockers for the first time and fell in love with them. We started the kale and spinach for the market garden this way.


It was fun making the blocks (who doesn’t like playing with mud?), seeding and watching them grow till they were big enough to plant out. The kale is just about ready for it’s first harvest. The potting shelter is another magical spot.

We have a small patch of strawberries in the market garden, and a very diligent band of robins keeping a steady eye on the ripening progress. Like the blueberries, the birds will consume an entire crop if not protected so Steve just erected a magnificent net house over the ripening berries. Yummy coming!

Time to get back outside!





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